AdCentBanking (or Adbank for short) will offer services associated with the development of market mechanisms for adaptation, considering adaptation as a business asset: centred particularly on Consulting and Project management for the development of Adaptation Banks modelled on biodiversity Banks but extrapolated to climate change adaptation services. In addition, other services would include:

  • Integration of adaptation into the management of businesses and corporate social responsibility of organisations
  • Development of market and DSS tool for adaptation, payment for adaptation services and look into the potential for adaptation certification 
  • Strategic Implementation Plans
  • Adaptation Marketing

1. What drives you to work on climate adaptation?
From a personal point of view, we feel very concerned with problems arising from global environmental change. Our aim is to translate our awareness into our professional activity. The bigger expertise of our team focus on water resources (from governance and public participation to accounting and auditing) and we strongly feel that water has a pivotal role on climate adaptation and that our comprehensive background can help us to come out with strong contributions. Our service (Adbank) aims at catalysing the adoption of new alternatives (Payment for Adaptation Services) with a high potential to reduce vulnerability of socio-ecological systems through  a more efficient and adaptive management and use of water resources.
2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years with this project? 
Adbank will be one of the cornerstones of our own start-up. Our aim if that in 5 years from now, we can expand our service internationally.
3. What will you do when you win in September? 
We have a lot of respect for the other finalists, this is being a strong competition! But in any case, what we will do the day after the competition ends, independently whether we win or lose, is to continue working on the development of our idea and business.
4. Where do you perceive is the biggest challenge with respect to global climate adaptation? 
Difficult to think in a biggest individual challenge... Adaptation is a global challenge full of linkages and interdependences. In our case, we will deal with water scarcity, extreme events related with water and (lack of) people awareness on climate change impacts.