RESILIENCE climate forecasting service

The RESILIENCE service will deliver tailored climate forecasts a month, season or year ahead of key decisions that are taken by end users in the energy sector. This information strengthens operational and strategic decision making, by enabling calculated, precautionary climate adaptation that can result in significant cost savings. Climate forecasts advance our current understanding of climate variability, by modelling the whole climate system over the past and present to produce a probabilistic prediction of the future. They provide a new set of risk management tools that assess, and facilitates response to normal climate variability and the additional impact coming from near-term climate change.

1.       What drives you to work on climate adaptation?
My aim is to build confidence in the renewable energy sector, by increasing our knowledge of how the climate will vary over future months to decades and its impact on wind-, solar- or hydro-power generation. I believe that this, in turn, will stimulate adaptation towards an efficient, 100% clean energy system to minimise the risk from ongoing climate change.

2.       Where do you see yourself in 5 years with this project?
By working with both our potential end users, and the climate prediction research community, I see the development of a valuable climate prediction service for renewable energy, that succeeds to bridge the gap which currently exists between these two groups.

3.       What will you do when you win in September?
I will refine the business plan based on feedback received and new ideas that emerge, then start to deliver it step by step!

4.       Where do you perceive is the biggest challenge with respect to global climate adaptation?
Understanding future climate uncertainty and how to incorporate this into adaptation actions. Business also need to engage more in the value of longer-term strategies, because at present most CEO's run their companies with very short-term goals.