The SWAPP (Salt Water APPlication) project consists on developing and applying an Electrical Conductivity (EC) sensor and Application for smartphones that stakeholders (farmers and water managers) can use to monitor and manage the salinity of the water. By using crowd sourcing (participation of stakeholders) we will create a dynamic database that will be made publically available. The information could be set into a real time management system meant to take decisions on water management, on mitigation of the effects of saline water on farming, and on developing fresh surface- groundwater storage and conservation methods.
Marta Faneca Sànchez will present this business idea in the finals on behalf of her other team members: Esther van Baaren, Gualbert Oude Essink, Mike van de Werf and Eric Lammertsma.

1. What drives you to work on climate adaptation?
Climate adaptation work offers unique challenges to improve natural resources use and management and develop more efficient and sustainable resource use and (agricultural) production. It is very exciting to work in this highly interdisciplinary field.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years with this project?
Experience from and concepts developed in this project will be part of a broader approach to use crowdsourcing techniques to develop more appropriate and customized water use policy and management interventions. Our task then and now is to ensure that the introduction of new technologies is both useful and commercially viable.

3. What will you do when you win in September?
Use the event and media attention to raise interest for our concept and connect with collaborators and partners. Make plans and work together for further implementation of our technology.

4. Where do you perceive is the biggest challenge with respect to global climate adaptation?
To integrate the different interventions and adaptations needed in the different parts of the world, to ensure that together they work effectively and reinforce each other (and not conflict or transfer the problem to another place), and to make sure that climate adaptation solutions are also in other ways successful innovations.