Climate proof fresh water supply

Climate change will affect the supply of fresh water to populations and economic sectors in many deltas around the world. Also the Netherlands will have to adapt to a growing mismatch between water demand and supply. The central question is: what are opportunities and adaptation strategies for fresh water supply and water quality in the Netherlands, given the changing physical boundary conditions in evaporation, precipitation, river discharges, sea level rise and salt water intrusion? The focus is on regional and local solutions within the low lying parts of the Netherlands (read more). This consortium focussed on the following questions:

  • How can fresh water supply be robustly designed in order to be flexible in anticipating a wide range of climate effects?
  • What opportunities are offered by reduction of water demand and/or water reuse?
  • What are opportunities and setbacks of water supply by allocation and buffering?
  • What opportunities are offered by water technology and spatial planning?

Work Packages

  • the summary (pdf)
  • on the scientific aspects (pdf)
  • on the societal aspects (pdf)
  • WP1: Climate change in the Netherlands in a global and European perspective- our boundary conditions
  • WP2: Adapting fresh water supply and buffering capacity of the coupled groundwater- surface water system
  • WP3: Preserving and adapting functions to limited fresh water supply
  • WP4: Water technology as a tool box for self-sufficient regional water supply
  • WP5: Decision making under uncertainty – towards an approach for finding robust and flexible fresh water supply strategies
  • WP6: Applying knowledge in case studies

Consortium Partners

Consortium Partners theme 2


Consortium leaders
Prof. Eelco van Beek, Senior Specialist Water Resource Management
+31 (0)88 335 8419

Dr. Ad Jeuken, Expert advisor, climate, water and spatial planning
+31 (0)88 335 7715

Nicole de Jong-Kolleman
+31 (0)88 335 8258

Rotterdamseweg 185, 2629 HD Delft (NL)
Postbus 177, 2600 MH Delft (NL)



  • Rotterdam Region 
  • South-West Netherlands Delta
  • Haaglanden Region

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