Case Study Botlek Area

This case study takes a qualitative look at the consequences of climate change for the infrastructure and networks in the area around the Botlektunnel. The Botlek area is an interesting first case for the hotspots. This is because there are various individual components of infrastructure present: tunnel, pipes, dikes and road embankments that are the subjects studied in the different projects. Furthermore, the physical surroundings, inter alia, a surface consisting of both clay, peat and sand, the proximity of rivers and the sea is interesting. So the case study is a composite case where the consequences are defined for a specific geographical area. A detailed map of the area around the Botlektunnel is shown below.

The main questions that the case study must answer is:

    • What are the consequences of climate change or extreme weather on the Botlek area?
    • How does it influence the various networks present in that area?
    • What are the most important and fragile infrastructure components?
    • Why are these components fragile and how can INCAH make them less vulnerable?

The research approach is based on literature study and a workshop with the stakeholders. First the relevant infrastructure components of the Botlek area will be identified, a fault tree analysis of these components will be made and the adaptation measures that should be taken at different levels will be determined.