Decision Support Tools

This research programme aims at improving tools for design and evaluation of adaptation strategies with a special focus on spatial planning and cross cutting issues (read more).
    1. tools for formulation of the adaptation task, based on climate scenarios and economic development
    2. tools for development and visualization of adaptation strategies in general and in particular related to hotspots and case study areas of KvK
    3. evaluation and monitoring tools for assessing adaptation strategies in terms of various indicators such as costs and benefits; side effects; equity issues; efficiency and temporal and spatial scales.

Work Packages

  • the summary (pdf)
  • on the scientific aspects (pdf)
  • on the societal aspects (pdf)
  • WP1: Integrating and downscaling national socio-economic scenarios
  • WP2: Assessing the Economic Impacts of Flood Risks
  • WP3: Interactive development of spatial adaptation strategies
  • WP4: Visualization and simulation of impacts and strategies
  • WP5: Economic modeling and assessment of the impacts of climate change and adaptation strategies on freshwater resources
  • WP6: Optimal timing, cost benefit analysis and adaptation strategies
  • WP7: Monitoring and evaluation of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation policies at different spatial scales

Hotspots and Stakeholders

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Consortium leader
Prof. Dr. E.C. van Ierland
Environmental Economics and Natural Resources, Social Sciences Group, Wageningen University, P.O. Box 8130,
6700 EW Wageningen (NL)
+31 (0)317 484307 / 484255

Wil den Hartog
+31 (0)317 482222
De Leeuwenborch, room 1107
Hollandseweg 1 6706 KN Wageningen (NL)

Consortium Partners