General Climate News

Simultaneous heatwaves caused by anthropogenic climate change Without the climate change caused by human activity, simultaneous heatwaves would not have hit such a large area as they did last summer.
ETH Zurich , Tuesday 9 April 2019
Climate change impacts peatland CO2 gas exchange primarily via moisture conditions A Finnish study suggests that peatland CO2 exchange is more strongly influenced by drying than warming as such, and that soil moisture may be critical to determining whether fen ecosystems are able to adapt to a changing climate.
University of Eastern Finland, Monday 8 April 2019
Be the change you want to see in the world: How individuals can help save the planet from climate catastrophe Individuals have as big a role to play in tackling climate change as major corporations but only if they can be encouraged to make significant lifestyle changes by effective government policy, a major new European study has found.
University of Sussex, Thursday 28 March 2019