General Climate News

The Walloon ‘Adapt your city’ approach The Walloon region, Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors, has developed a tool to help cities and municipalities to evaluate their vulnerability and to take actions to adapt to climate change impacts on their territory.
Agence wallonne de l’Air et du Climat (AwAC), Thursday 9 November 2017
Europe's drought trends match climate change projections Researchers have published new findings that suggest European drought trends are lining up with climate change projections.
University of Birmingham, Friday 27 October 2017
Second Hamburg Climate Report published The second Hamburg Climate Report sheds light on the necessary responses to climate change in Northern Germany. With key points such as temperature, risen by approximately 1.4 degrees Celsius since 1881; increased amount of precipitation, while dry spells in spring now last longer than they did a few decades ago.
Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, Tuesday 24 October 2017
Accelerating of transitions for sustainability and climate change needed Changes in electricity, heat, buildings, industry and transport are needed rapidly and must happen all together, according to researchers at three British universities in a new study published in the journal Science.
University of Sussex, Monday 25 September 2017
What a lake’s color can tell about its condition in times of climate change With the help of satellite observations from 188 lakes worldwide, scientists have shown that the warming of large lakes amplifies their color. Lakes which are green due to their high phytoplankton content tend to become greener in warm years as phytoplankton content increases.
Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (FVB), Monday 25 September 2017
New forecasting tool helping disaster responders to prevent worst impacts of floods This tool, integrated into the Copernicus European Flood Awareness System, adds near real-time impact assessments to existing forecasts, allowing authorities to prepare and focus resources well ahead of potential floods.
JRC Europe, Thursday 21 September 2017
Unsustainable land use threatens European landscapes Accelerating rates of construction, climate change, technological changes, and changing demographics are some of the key drivers influencing the use of vast landscapes in Europe.
European Environment Agency, Friday 15 September 2017
Diverse landscapes are more productive and adapt better to climate change Ecosystems with high biodiversity are more productive and stable towards annual fluctuations in environmental conditions than those with a low diversity of species. They also adapt better to climate-driven environmental changes, Swiss study shows among 450 landscapes.
University of Zurich, Wednesday 6 September 2017
Climate change adaptation model regions for Austria - KLAR! Recently, 23 Austrian regions received funding from the Climate- and Energy funds Austria, to develop a local adaptation strategy and raise awareness for climate adaptation. A service platform has been set up to provide regional climate information, and to advise on adaptation actions. Implementation of adaptation measures will start in Spring 2018.
KLAR! project, Friday 25 August 2017