Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge should be shared, especially when it concerns knowledge that is important for the safety and spatial planning of the Netherlands. Knowledge for Climate developed new knowledge to help adjust the Netherlands to climate change - also known as climate adaptation.

Developing new knowledge alone isn't enough, knowledge has to be applied. The Knowledge Transfer is a unit within Knowledge for Climate that took care of disseminating and exchanging knowledge and results. In addition to that that the Knowledge Transfer supported hotspots and consortia with the application and valorisation of knowledge in practice.

The researchers and stakeholders within hotspots and consortia played an important role in the knowledge dissemination. They were the ambassadors of knowledge and results and applied those results directly in practice. The model below shows how the Knowledge Transfer facilitated the spreading of knowledge: by stimulating knowledge exchange towards, with and between stakeholders within and outside of the research programme.

Tasks of the Knowledge Transfer

  • Knowledge dissemination: actively disseminated knowledge through brochures, workshops, courses and master classes, conferences, newsletters, exhibitions, websites, and social media
  • Knowledge impact: actively promoted to put the developed knowledge into use in everyday practice

Examples of activities organised by the Knowledge Transfer

KvK TV 2013
Knowledge for Climate TV
Interactive document Tools for Adaptation 2012
Interactive document Tools for Adaptation (in Dutch)

website Knooppunt Klimaat

Final conference Climate changes Spatial Planning: Knooppunt Klimaat (in Dutch)
website Minor
Minor Klimaatbestendige Gebiedsontwikkeling ('Climate proof Spatial Planning', in Dutch)

website Deltaconference

International Conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change

website Klimaat als Kans

Exhibiton Klimaat als Kans ('Climate as an Opportunity', in Dutch)

 website Holland Climate House

Holland Climate House, COP15

Social Media ClimateNL

 website Twitter  website Linkedin  website Facebook  website Youtube  

Selected publications
2012 Bedenk, Ontwikkel, Gebruik (result report, Dutch)
2011 Magazine Deltas in Times of Climate Change
2010 Klimaatkennis in de praktijk, Dat werkt (Climate knowledge into practice, It works, in Dutch)
2010 Climate Adaptation Research The Netherlands, The Hotspot Approach
2009 Climate Research Netherlands
Nieuwsbrieven Kennis voor Klimaat, Klimaat voor Ruimte, PCCC (Newsletters, in Dutch)