Deltares has a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the field of water, soil and the subsurface. It is frontrunner in the development, distribution and application of knowledge for meeting the challenges in the physical planning, design and management of vulnerable deltas, coastal areas and river basins.

KNMI is the national institute for weather, climate and seismology. The KNMI provides the general public, the government, aviation and shipping with weather information for public safety, the economy and a sustainable environment.
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences provides innovative solutions for the government and business sector, focusing on the sustainable design, utilisation and management of the built environment, infrastructure and sub-surface.

University of Utrecht
The University of Utrecht is a large and diverse centre of knowledge that aims to provide teaching and research of an international quality.

VU University Amsterdam
The VU University is a research university, connecting excellent research with well-organised teaching. The VU University’s history of Christian inspiration is expressed in a focus on ideology, in social engagement and in room and respect for all beliefs. Independent, individual and truly involved, that is the VU University.

Wageningen University and Research Centre (UR)
Wageningen University and Research Centre (UR) provides teaching and develops knowledge in the fields of the life sciences and natural resources. Wageningen UR focuses on making a real contribution to quality of life, which includes sufficient, safe and healthy food and drink as well as living, working and relaxing in well-designed green spaces with a large variety of plants and animals. Climate change is an important research theme.