High-quality Climate Projections

This research theme aims to provide high quality information on regional climate in the Netherlands, now and in the future, for developing national and regional adaptation strategies (read more). The Consortium has done so by:

  • Performing/analyzing regional and global climate model simulations
  • Providing show cases of high impact future weather situations at very high resolution
  • Providing coherent time series, and estimates of extremes and uncertainty ranges
  • Applying climate projections to various sectors, including dealing with uncertainty
  • Communicating climate change and climate change impact to users

Climate Impact Guide

Theme 6 releases data and background information for climate impact analysis through the Climate Impact Guide (Dutch). This pilot website is a first attempt to give researchers an overview of data and information about climate and climate impacts in the Netherlands. The relations between the sectors (Dutch) are described on the website: the exchange of data between sectors, the differences in use of data and the consequences of these per sector.

Five sectors
At the moment information about the following sectors can be found: Climate, Nature, Agriculture, Water and Land use. These will possibly be complemented in the future with air quality (TNO). The information is supplied by KNMI, Wageningen UR (University & Research centre), Deltares, VU University Amsterdam en KWR Watercycle Research Institute.

Climate Impact Guide Logo
The Climate Impact Guide is in a pilot fase and will be filled with information the coming years as part of theme 6. We would be glad to receive feedback for improvement.

Work Packages

  • the summary (pdf)
  • on the scientific aspects (pdf)
  • on the societal aspects (pdf
  • WP1: Climate scenario development: mechanisms of local climate change in the Netherlands  
  • WP2: Climate scenario development: time series, extremes and probabilities
  • WP3: Scenario development for climate change impact
  • WP4: Climate services

Project members

The consortium partners

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Consortium leader
Dr. Arnout Feijt, KNMI

Drs. Bernadet Overbeek
Dr. Peter Siegmund
+31(0) 30-2206798

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
Wilhelminalaan 10, De Bilt

Future Weather

Within this project researchers from KNMI developed high resolution models of the Dutch climate. This is useful for testing efficiency of adaptation measures such as the Maeslandt flood defence.

Future Weather

It also enables accurate study of the climate effects in for example the Schiphol Airport area. Because of it’s location near the sea Schiphol airport is subject to specific meteorological conditions that are of great importance for the functioning of the airport.

Future Weather.

Apply for climate (impact) data and information

The expert pool of theme 6 has budget to generate tailored data on climate(change) and the impacts on hydrology, nature, agriculture, land use and air quality (for KvK themes and hotspots only). Examples are: additional time series to the KNMI’06 scenarios, specific climate indices, water levels etc.  

  • Flyer about the expert pool and criteria for application (in Dutch)
  • More examples of possible questions for the expert pool (in Dutch)