Theme 3: Climate-proofing rural areas

1. Full proposal

1a.  Full proposal (pdf, with Appendices 1-5)
1b.  Appendix 7 - Deltares (pdf) 
1c.  Appendix 7 - KWR (pdf)
1d.  Appendix 7 - UU (pdf)
1e.  Appendix 7 - VU-ELS (pdf)
1f.   Appendix 7 - VU-SE (pdf)
1g.  Appendix 7 - WUR-ESG (pdf)
1h.  Appendix 7 - WUR-LEI (pdf)
1i.   Appendix 7 - WUR-PPS (pdf)

2. Forms

2a. Review form (word)
2b. Declaration about conflict of interest form (word)
2c. Declaration of confidentiality form (word)
2d. Payment form (word)

3. Background documentation

3a.  Review instructions (pdf)
3b.  Review procedure (pdf)
3c.  Pre proposal (pdf)
3d.  Review outcomes pre proposal (pdf)
3e.  Brochure open call "Adaptation to Climate Change" (pdf)