Window to the cities


Nieuw-West (Neighbourhood case)

  • Support to redevelopment and transformation in parts of Nieuw–West that have different climate adaptation and mitigation-related characteristics and issues.

Watergraafsmeer (Integrated water management case on neighbourhood scale)

  • Test case and pilot area for damage sensitivity toolbox development. Thermal energy storage study. Integration of climate adaptation technologies.

City of Amsterdam (Region)

  • Developing a typology for vulnerability to heat that combines factors related to the built environment and to the socio-economic conditions in the city.

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The Hague – Rotterdam (Region)

  • Development of vulnerability typology in the city of The Hague. In the region evaluation of strategies regarding green areas.

Heesterbuurt (Neighbourhood case)

  • Urbanised area with many stony surfaces, that can lead to flooding after heavy rainfall, and drought regarding groundwater and nature. Most houses in private ownership. Research starts later.

Rijswijk – The Hague (Integrated water management)

  • Test case for an instrument or a toolbox to integrate knowledge on climate adaptation technologies in an improved design or retrofit of an urban water management system.

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Oude Noorden (Cases: Building and Street, Neighbourhoods, Integrated Water management)

  • Pilot area for investigating pluvial flooding. Damage sensitivity research to pluvial flooding, drought and heat. Test case for a design instrument or a toolbox. Investigation of effectivity of specific sets of climate adaptation measures.

Lijnbaan (Neighbourhood case)

  • Shopping area in the inner city of Rotterdam with many stony surfaces, hardly any green, used by many people. Research starts later.

Bergpolder Zuid (Integrated case)

  • Climate proofing thermally vulnerable neighbourhood going through large-scale renovation. Investigation of effects of adaptation measures in local master plan.

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North Brabant

Tilburg (Building and Street)

  • Thermophysiological measurements and questionnaires focused on elderly, coupled with temperature measurements in- and outdoors.

The City Region Eindhoven, SRE (Rijk van Dommel en Aa) Regional case

  • Climate impact of the five cities of Brabant (the B5: Breda, Tilburg, 's Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Helmond) and the potential buffer capacity of the surrounding green spaces. Understanding urban heat in the cities.

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Arnhem / Nijmegen

J.P. van Muilwijckstraat (Arnhem) (Building and Street)

  • A street with a regular profile (street width and building geometry and typology), used for on-site measurements and for the validation of numerical simulations on adaptation in buildings.

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  • Influence of green spaces. Mobile temperature measurements by pushbike. Interviews on human temperature perception.

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