Climate Proof Flood Risk Management

The design of adaptation responses to flood risks requires insight in the effectiveness of individual adaptation measures, such as flexible structures to control water levels and measures to reduce wave attacks. The main aim of this research programme was to perform an in-depth interdisciplinary assessment of these innovative types of measures (read more). The Consortium has: 

  • developed methods for assessing:
    - the effectiveness of technical measures and policy instruments to reduce flood risks
    - the implications of their implementation for urban and countryside environments
    - the robustness (resilience and resistance) of comprehensive FRM strategies in view of uncertainty about climate change
  • provided guidelines for the design of long-term FRM alternatives and individual measures based on effectiveness (flood risk reduction), robustness and their contribution to the development of entire regions (multi-functional use, natural values and spatial quality)

Work Packages

  • the summary (pdf)
  • on the scientific aspects (pdf)
  • on the societal aspects (pdf)
  • WP1: Controlling flood levels: flexible flood barrier systems
  • WP2: Reducing the impact of wave attack: dunes as natural buffers
  • WP3: Robust multi-functional flood defences
  • WP4: Reduction of exposure to floods and reduction of flood consequences
  • WP5: International comparative analysis of flood risk management measures and adaptation policies
  • WP6: Cross-cutting approaches dealing with uncertainty, robustness and designing for spatial quality


Consortium leader
dr. Frans Klijn
Senior Specialist Flood Risk Management and Adaptation to Global Change
+31 (0)15 285 8585

Nicole de Jong-Kolleman
+31 (0)88 335 8258

Rotterdamseweg 185
2629 HD Delft (NL)
Postbus 177, 2600 MH Delft

Consortium Partners

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